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Flower Power!
Many fail to realize the power flowers have on our emotional well being. Flowers overwhelm our senses with exotic fragrances and beauty. They play on our need for belonging, attention and attraction and most of all; flowers remind us that we are somehow “special” to someone. So why do so many people underestimate the simple sentiment of flowers? Reasons people give for not sending flowers a ...

Attention Men: What Never To Say To A Woman
Guys, we ladies know that you can be pretty clueless. Have you ever said something "innocent" that got your woman really mad? There are just some things a woman does not want to hear. If you want to keep peace in your relationship, take my advice and don't ever say this to your girlfriend/wife: Mistake #1: "Your best friend is hot." She'll end up feeling threatened that you're attracted t ...

Weaving the Brokenness - Healing the Wound of Mother Abandonment
My daughter puts her arms around me, her brown eyes soft and beckoning. Her rounded belly and motherly curves rest against me, and for a moment I choke up. She is pregnant with a girl baby whose middle name will be Joy like mine. She will be my first grand-daughter, and my second grandchild. I was named Joy by my great-grandmother, Blanche, the mother of my grandmother Lulu, who spent much of ...

3 Tips You Wish You Know Earlier Before You Go Into Any Type of Relationship!
If you are in a relationship right now, or are thinking of going into one, there are 3 very important tips you should know and questions you should ask yourself before you ever get yourself into a relationship. This could save you from a lot of heartache and pain when you are involved in a love relationship. (1) Your lover does not owe you your happiness, peace or joy. Happiness is a st ...

Emotional Infidelity: A KEY Tactic to Save the Marriage
Hearing that your cheating spouse is “in love” with someone else is devastating. I hear often, “I can handle her having sex with someone else. I think I can live with that. But, for her to give herself emotionally and “love” someone else…man, that is hard.” (Feel free to substitute the word he for she in this article.) What can you specifically do to increase the odds of saving the marriage? So ...