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Top 10 Ideas To Revive a Fizzling Relationship
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Top 10 Ideas To Revive a Fizzling Relationship
Top 10 Ideas To Revive a Fizzling Relationship ?Copyright 2005 Micheline Love is exciting, and when a relationship is new, almost everything you do together is fresh and alive, and keeps you enthralled. Then time begins to pass, and while the love is still there, the relationship may have lost some of its sparkle, whether it's because you now have a family or not. Here are som ...

How to keep the passion aflame
The honeymoon is over. Maybe you’ve been together a few months, a few years, or even a lot of years. At some point, though, the early flames of passion will fade and you’ll start looking for ways to reignite them. You’re in luck, then, because that’s exactly what this article is about! 1. Have Fun Together Remember the fun times you had when you first started dating? You laughed, you pla ...

The Three Stages of Mending a Broken Heart
You’ve been dumped. Short of throwing yourself off the nearest bridge, you resort to hiding in your bed for days, comforted only by the fact that at least you have a year’s supply of Moonpies by your bedside and your answering machine is on the alert in the hopeful case that your once loved one might call and beg to have you back. Only, that call never comes and that box of Moonpies? It’s ...

To Trust or not to Trust !
Trust is something we learn as very small babies. We trust the first person that we bond with and it grows from there. Have you ever noticed how cool kids are? They trust every little thing we say. They rarely question us when we tell them something. Believing our every word; and why not? They have not been exposed to mistrust yet, not that they would recognize it at such an early age. Then ...

Speaking Your Truth to Your Partner
Speaking Your Truth to Your Partner By Margaret Paul, Ph.D. Mark sought my help because he was thinking of leaving his wife, Linda. He had not been feeling in love with Linda for a long time, but they had two children and he really didn't want to break up the family. "Mark," I asked, "Were you ever in love with Linda?" "Yes, at the beginning of our relationship." "Then what ...