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Speaking Your Truth to Your Partner
Speaking Your Truth to Your Partner By Margaret Paul, Ph.D. Mark sought my help because he was thinking of leaving his wife, Linda. He had not been feeling in love with Linda for a long time, but they had two children and he really didn't want to break up the family. "Mark," I asked, "Were you ever in love with Linda?" "Yes, at the beginning of our relationship." "Then what ...

Why Western girls hate Thailand and especially Thai Girls.
They deserve all they get! I was approached by a western girl in Phuket who was obviously having a hard time with the lack of attention. She almost threw herself at me and said quietly in my ear that she and her mate were out looking to get laid. I was in the star wars nightclub at the time in patong surrounded by few hundred Thai lovelies. Back in England obviously i thought it would be ...

"Sleeping Woman"
Throughout the world there are certain constants that thread through mythology. Enduring love is one of the most popular. Iztaccihuatl was the daughter of a great Aztec ruler in Mexico. She fell in love with Popocatepetl, one of her father's warriors. When her father learned of their relationship, he sent her lover away to war in Oaxaca. Iztaccihuatl’s father told the young man, if he surv ...

Recovering from Romantic Fantasy
Chances are you never thought you needed to be rescued from romance. In fact, you probably feel you need more romance in your life, not less. The truth is that most hearts are broken in the painful difference between the possibility of real romance and the insistence on the fantasy of romance -- with the real thing taking the loss. Recovering from romantic fantasy is based on your willingness ...

How to Arouse Her Instantly
How to Arouse Her Instantly Smooth pick up lines may have worked in 80s movies but most women today are a bit more savvy. There are much more subtle and effective ways to turn women on. Eye contact is one of them. Pay attention to what she is saying and keep your eyes above her bust line. Breast ogling is not a turn on, unless she has just had them done and is asking you about them. Touch ...