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5 Surefire Ways to Arouse Your Woman
As there are different types of women, there are different ways to arouse them as well. If you have been in a bit of a slump here are some quick ways to rev up your love life: 1) Dress in a suit and take her out to a romantic dinner. Women love men in suits and almost every man looks good in one. The soft candle light of a romantic restaurant combined with a good wine will put her in the mood t ...

Walls Of Communication!
Matters of the heart are a true mystery to all involved. In order to make a commitment to a relationship, it takes strength and trust in another. When we trust our partner and we receive trust back, it is a very nice feeling. One should never betray or play games with that trust. Those games usually get caught, and a broken trust will surely create a huge wall of communication breakdown. When you ...

Listening To Your Partner
Do You Really Hear What Your Partner is Saying? Listening to your partner can make or break a marriage, partnership or friendship. When I say listen I mean it in the sense of, ladies put your Women’s Day magazine down when your partner is trying to talk to you and Men turn of the ball game when your partner is trying to speak to you. Now you don’t have to go overboard with this quote such as l ...

Online Dating: 10 Critical Mistakes ALL People Make – Including You!
Copyright (C) 2005 Elena Solomon Online dating is fascinating. You can meet thousands of available singles that are literally just a click away, seeking love, romance, dating, marriage, friendship – and yes, of course sex. Men and women alike join dating services hoping to make new friends and start new relationships. But there are some common mistakes ALL people make when using Internet ...

"Sleeping Woman"
Throughout the world there are certain constants that thread through mythology. Enduring love is one of the most popular. Iztaccihuatl was the daughter of a great Aztec ruler in Mexico. She fell in love with Popocatepetl, one of her father's warriors. When her father learned of their relationship, he sent her lover away to war in Oaxaca. Iztaccihuatl’s father told the young man, if he surv ...