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The Three Stages of Mending a Broken Heart
You’ve been dumped. Short of throwing yourself off the nearest bridge, you resort to hiding in your bed for days, comforted only by the fact that at least you have a year’s supply of Moonpies by your bedside and your answering machine is on the alert in the hopeful case that your once loved one might call and beg to have you back. Only, that call never comes and that box of Moonpies? It’s ...

What Flowers for Your Girlfriend this Christmas?
A girl loves flowers regardless of how many times she has received them. Flowers show how fresh and precious your love is. Flowers remind her how beautiful and elegant she is. Love shines and flourishes like flowers throughout the year when you give flowers to your girlfriend on different occasions with meanings and thoughts. Honeysuckle is a good birthday gift to symbolizes happiness. Red ...

Ever Wonder What Can Blow Up And Wreck Your Love By Design Relationship?
Not many people know about the hidden power struggles that can occur in a relationship or marriage. This article is about a hidden powerstruggle known as rhythms. Every person has their own unique rhythm whether that is how they eat, sleep, work, relax, or even think and breathe. However, in our society, we have been taught to assume to everyone is alike, or that there is a specific way t ...

Do You Give Away Your Power?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do You Give Away Your Power? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you love someone do you give your power away? This may seem a strange question to ask and you may wonder what 'power' has to do with 'love'. However, if we take a look we might see that love and power are very closely linked. This may not seem very romantic, but that does not mea ...

Long Distance Relationships - How to Make it Work
Long distance relationships are dreadful. I know this because I'm currently living one. You watch other couples walk down the street hand-in-hand, kissing, etc., everyday and you can't do anything but envy them. So how can a long distance relationship work? How can you keep on loving someone if you can't even see them? The answer is...it depends on how much you want it to work. True love ca ...