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Addicted to the Drama
There are presently 6 billion people living on Planet Earth. World Peace is the ideal that all 6 billion of them will learn to live in Peace and Harmony together, united in Holy Matrimony, until death by natural causes do them part. Lets start off small. Lets see if we can get two of them to live together in Peace. Samuel Twain is a 54 year old Harvard Graduate, former Law Professor, District Atto ...

A Dream of the Perfect Partner
Understand the heart when thinking of loving one’s perfect partner. Your dream is so beautiful and it is never to late to happen. What I would say is keep your dream close to your heart and visualise fully what it would feel like for your dream to come true and your perfect partner stepped into your life. Spend a little time now just going back to your dream remember the rose petals and smell t ...

Family Journals: Tens Ways to Improve Your Health and Relationships
Family Journals: Tens Ways to Improve Your Health and Relationships By Ron Huxley, LMFT http://www.parentingtoolbox.com Journaling has long been a tool to achieving better emotional and mental health. The need to express oneself in a safe and controlled manner is a powerful means to improving self-esteem and personal relationships. Parents can use this tool to increase their effe ...

Honesty: The Key to a Good Relationship?
"Honesty: The Key to a Good Relationship? by Susan Dunn, MA, The EQ Coach A coaching client recently told me, "I'm convinced if two people are totally honest, they can be married." As a dating coach for midlifers, I hear from a lot of folks who are dating. I also stay current with the dating scene on the Internet, and read the profiles people write. Men often say that "honesty" is crucia ...

Why Western girls hate Thailand and especially Thai Girls.
They deserve all they get! I was approached by a western girl in Phuket who was obviously having a hard time with the lack of attention. She almost threw herself at me and said quietly in my ear that she and her mate were out looking to get laid. I was in the star wars nightclub at the time in patong surrounded by few hundred Thai lovelies. Back in England obviously i thought it would be ...