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How Dramatic Are You?
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Lover's Quarrel
One minute you seem like lovesick turtledoves teasing, laughing and giggling with all your might. Then a few minutes later, you begin yelling and berating each other and a lover's quarrel is already in progress. A little bantering was all it took to stoke up a rising emotional tension. Every now and then, no matter how close and intimate a couple is, an argument occasionaly looms to create a t ...

3 Tips You Wish You Know Earlier Before You Go Into Any Type of Relationship!
If you are in a relationship right now, or are thinking of going into one, there are 3 very important tips you should know and questions you should ask yourself before you ever get yourself into a relationship. This could save you from a lot of heartache and pain when you are involved in a love relationship. (1) Your lover does not owe you your happiness, peace or joy. Happiness is a st ...

Relationships: Giving to Get
Relationships: Giving to Get By Margaret Paul, Ph.D. Are you giving love to your partner for the joy of giving, or are you giving to get love? I received the following email on this topic, asking for my help: "Hi, my name is Adam. I am living with my parents and I'm thinking of moving out with my girlfriend Patty. But there are some things that make me feel upset, and I don't ...

How Dramatic Are You?
Feel free to print/reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or website as long as you leave all the links in place. Don't modify the content and include the resource box as listed. Please send a note when it is used. Thank you. word count: 228 character width: 60 Title: "How Dramatic Are You?" - by Kathy Thompson writing4u@faceuptoit-youcan.com (c) ...

Could Your Relationship Be Spiced Up?
Are you in a relationship that was really hot and spiced up at the beginning, but now it is starting to fade with time? Does it seem like your love life is in a complete routine? Are you in a very spiced up relationship now and want to make it even hotter? Couples that keep their sexual life spiced up seem to have much happier relationships over time. You are never to old in life to spice up y ...