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Long Distance Relationships - How to Make it Work
Long distance relationships are dreadful. I know this because I'm currently living one. You watch other couples walk down the street hand-in-hand, kissing, etc., everyday and you can't do anything but envy them. So how can a long distance relationship work? How can you keep on loving someone if you can't even see them? The answer is...it depends on how much you want it to work. True love ca ...

The 7 Unfailing Laws of Successful Relationships
Copyright 2005 Brenda Shoshanna Most think that relationships exist to make them happy. When they find that special person, they believe that love will naturally grow. But in relationships we encounter everything, challenges, joy, fulfillment, loss. Yet, despite all training in life, we seldom learn about the knitty gritty of relationships, how to build the relationship in a way that brings out ...

Amaze Your Lover - 16 Romantic Ideas To Keep Them Happy
Some people have a natural ability to romance the oppposite sex and others seem like they don't even know what it means. However, everyone should know how to make their partner's heart melt because it's one of the finest acts of seduction. For Your Wife/Girlfriend: 1. Kidnap her for a surprise picnic. Plan your rendevous for the weekend or when you both have a free day. Make sure she d ...

7 Reasons Why Diamonds Are Still A Girl's Best Friend
Marilyn Monroe made that phrase famous. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. That still makes a lot of sense. Here's why. Reason #1 diamonds are a girls best friend because they are so beautiful. Fiery, romantic diamonds light up her finger. White diamonds look beautiful with outfits in every color. Reason #2 diamonds are forever. There are lots of beautiful things around. Why diamonds? Roses ar ...

Opposites Do Attract
I've come to the conclusion (and it's only taken me 50 years) that Opposites DO Attract! My Girlfriend for example ... we have two very different sleeping environments. I like the window open while I sleep and, at some point in the night, a sheet as a blanket. Give me a fan at the window blowing fresh cool (my girlfriend said to add "cold") air gently swirling (she says "Windtunnel") ove ...