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Love Advice: Let Fate Decide?
One of the most commonly asked questions, What is Love? What is its exact definition? Well, there can never be a definite answer. Everyone got his or her own answer to it. To some it can be really simple while to others, it can get really complicated. But one definite thing that is for sure, everybody needs love. It is a basic human need; we are not born into this world to be alone. It has always ...

Addicted to the Drama
There are presently 6 billion people living on Planet Earth. World Peace is the ideal that all 6 billion of them will learn to live in Peace and Harmony together, united in Holy Matrimony, until death by natural causes do them part. Lets start off small. Lets see if we can get two of them to live together in Peace. Samuel Twain is a 54 year old Harvard Graduate, former Law Professor, District Atto ...

Emotional Infidelity: A KEY Tactic to Save the Marriage
Hearing that your cheating spouse is “in love” with someone else is devastating. I hear often, “I can handle her having sex with someone else. I think I can live with that. But, for her to give herself emotionally and “love” someone else…man, that is hard.” (Feel free to substitute the word he for she in this article.) What can you specifically do to increase the odds of saving the marriage? So ...

Finding Your Ideal Partner?
How would you describe the ideal girl of your dream? “Oh, she has got to be beautiful with a nice figure, having a sweet and sexy voice, cheerful, gentle, considerate, kind-hearted, understanding, independent, musically inclined, share a common interest of mine, hmm… knows how to prepare nice food and… ” Ok, that is enough. Now, do you think such a perfect person actually exists? Well may ...

Greeting Cards, Never Forget Another Birthday
Be honest not with us, but with yourself. How many birthdays have you missed this year? We are all quite busy and we even have a hard time remembering what day it is, but when it comes to the feelings of our friends and family, we need to take extra steps to remember. It happens to all of us, even those with the best intentions. So, what can you do to help yourself remember for next time? Because ...